The Marriage, Past and Present project will support a range of public and academic events during its funding period (2014-19), resulting in a major conference on the history and politics of marriage in 2019. It also supports visits of national and international scholars to the University of Otago. Details about past and forthcoming events will appear on this page.

2019 Events

In concert with the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture and an Australian Research Council Discovery Project led by Prof. Lyndall Ryan, we will host a symposium on Violence and Intimacy in Pacific-Rim Settler Colonial Societies. Location and Date TBA

A symposium on the politics of intimacy, date and location TBA. Co-organised by Angela Wanhalla and Violeta Gilabert.

2018 Events

30 June-1 July, Angela Wanhalla and Kate Stevens will present a joint paper, ‘Affective Economies: Māori women in southern New Zealand’s whaling worlds’at the New Histories of Pacific Whaling Symposium, University of Hawaii, Honolulu (co-sponsored by the Rachel Carson Center, the University of Oregon and the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture).

February 2018, Angela Wanhalla will participate in a workshop on archives and emotions in Sydney, Australia.

2017 Events

4-5 December, Angela Wanhalla will present ‘Mrs & Mrs Flowers: Race, Marriage and Imperial Mobility’ at Garrison Towns in the 19th Century, Victoria University of Wellington.

28-29 November, Angela Wanhalla will present at the Relating Histories: Studying the Family conference (an ANU and Macquarie University partnership initiative), National Library of Australia, Canberra.

28 November, Angela Wanhalla will present at the ‘Subjects and Aliens: Histories of Nationality in Australia and New Zealand’ Symposium, University of Wollongong, Australia.

10 October, Angela Wanhalla will speak on ‘Of Love and War’ to the Canterbury Historical Association, Christchurch.

3 July, Angela Wanhalla presented at the ‘What God has joined together: Histories of Religion and Marriage’ Symposium, University of Newcastle, Australia.

9 May, Angela Wanhalla presented ‘Affective Economies of Dispossession’ at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

28 April, Angela Wanhalla and Sarah Carter (University of Alberta) gave a seminar on Wiremu Colenso to the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture.

20-21 February, Caring Histories Workshop, co-organised by Angela Wanhalla, Barbara Brookes and Jane McCabe, Hocken Collections, University of Otago.

2016 Events

18 November, Violeta Gilabert presented ‘Marriage in A Man’s Country? Theorizing Conjugal Intimacy in Twentieth-Century Aotearoa/New Zealand’, at the Department of History and Art History Postgraduate Conference, University of Otago, Dunedin.

7-11 November, Angela Wanhalla taught into ‘Global Histories of Love’, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

4-6 August: Angela Wanhalla presented ‘Intimate relations: kin and community in southern New Zealand’, at the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association Conference, Hawaii.

15-17 February: Making Women Visible: A Conference in Honour of Barbara Brookes, in concert with the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture, was a major national conference on New Zealand women’s history that celebrated the publication of a landmark book on the history of New Zealand women by Professor Brookes.

2015 Events

10-12 December: Angela Wanhalla presented ‘Isaac Rhodes Cooper and the Politics of Intimacy on New Zealand’s colonial frontier’ at the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Conference, University of Adelaide.

24-25 August: Dr. Laura Ishiguro (University of British Columbia) and Crystal Fraser (University of Alberta), visitors to Otago supported by the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship, participated in Unpicking the Tapestry: Children and Young People in Colonial Contexts Symposium, Hocken Collections, sponsored by the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture. Convened by Dr. Hugh Morrison.

20 August: Colonial Families New Perspectives Symposium, University of Otago, convened by Angela Wanhalla and featuring four early-career speakers: Dr. Laura Ishiguro (University of British Columbia), Crystal Fraser (University of Alberta), Dr Jennifer Ashton (Auckland) and Erica Newman (University of Otago). This event and participation of these speakers was funded by the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship.

19 August: Dr. Laura Ishiguro (University of British Columbia) and Crystal Fraser (University of Alberta), visitors funded by the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship, led a Postgraduate Workshop in the Department of History and Art History, University of Otago.

6-10 July: Angela Wanhalla presented ‘Intermarriage, Mobility and Imperial Networks’ at the Australian Historical Association Conference, University of Sydney.

1-2 July: New Zealand Sexual Histories: New Perspectives, a pre-read workshop co-sponsored by the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture, St Margaret’s College, University of Otago.

1 July: Public Lecture by Professor Matt Cook (Birkbeck, University of London), Queer Domesticities: taking queer histories indoors, Burns 2, Arts Building, University of Otago from 5.15.. Professor Cook’s visit to New Zealand was supported by the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship.

7-8 February: Angela Wanhalla participated in the Eugenics in British Contexts Symposia, University of Otago, giving a paper on ‘Debating Clause 21: ‘Eugenic Marriage’ in New Zealand’.

5 March: Angela Wanhalla gave a public lecture called ‘The Making of Empire: Race and Intimacy in the Colonial World’, Distinguished Visitor Series, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

2014 Events

20-21 November: Angela Wanhalla participated in Rethinking Native Spaces Workshop, Otakou Marae, co-sponsored by the Monash Indigenous Centre and the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture. She presented a paper on ‘Indigenous Women, Mobility and Colonial Life’.

7-11 July: Angela Wanhalla participated in a Plenary Panel on ‘Violence and the Intimate Frontier’ at the Australian Historical Association, University of Queensland, Brisbane.


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