A number of outputs are planned for the Marriage, Past and Present project. In addition to this website  we hope to produce the usual academic outputs of theses, journal articles, book chapters and reports, but we also hope to engage the public through the publication of a book that tells the history of marriage in this country in a format that is accessible and highly readable.  We will post details about our publications on this page as they appear.


2017. Emma Verry, A Right to Marriage: The Emergence of Human Rights Discourse in Debates over Marriage Equality in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1986-2013 (MA, University of Otago). Supervisors: Angela Wanhalla and Michael J. Stevens.

2017. Inano Walter, Māori Women, Māori Marriage Customs and the Native Land Court, 1865-1909 (MA thesis, University of Otago). Supervisors: Angela Wanhalla and Michael J. Stevens.

In progress. Violeta Gilabert, Labours of Love? Marriage and Emotion in Aotearoa/New Zealand (PhD thesis). Supervisors: Mark Seymour and Angela Wanhalla.



2018. A. Wanhalla, Debating ‘Clause 21: ‘Eugenic Marriage’ in New Zealand’ in D. Paul, H. Spencer and J. Stenhouse (eds) Eugenics in British Colonial Contexts (Palgrave Macmillan).

2018. With Zarine L. Rocha, A history of “mixed race” in Aotearoa/New Zealand, in Z. L. Rocha and M. Webber, eds, Mana Tangatarua: Mixed heritages and biculturalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand (New York: Routledge), 15-31.

2017. A. Wanhalla, ‘Intimate Connections: Governing Cross-Cultural Intimacy on New Zealand’s Colonial Frontier’, Law & History, Special issue: Gender, intimacy and colonial violence, Vol. 4, No. 2: 45-71.

2017. With Lachy Paterson, He Reo Wahine: Maori Women’s Voices from the Nineteenth Century, (Auckland University Press). *includes a chapter on intimacy, emotion and private life.

2017. With Kate Stevens, Intimate Relations: kinship and the economics of shore whaling in southern New Zealand, Journal of Pacific History vol. 52, no. 2, pp.1-21.

2017. Of Love and War: marriage ‘across the colour line’ in the South Pacific, VIDA: Australian Women’s History Network Blog, posted 14 February.

2016. With Chris Brickell, co-edited special issue on ‘New Zealand Sexualities’, New Zealand Journal of History, Vol. 50, No. 1.

2016. With Chris Brickell, ‘Editorial Introduction: Writing New Zealand’s Sexual Histories’, New Zealand Journal of History, Vol. 50, No. 1: 3-12.



2018. Of Love & War: Pacific Brides of World War II (contracted to University of Nebraska Press).

2018. Lea Doughty and Angela Wanhalla, ‘The Marriage Market’: Matrimonial Advertising and New Zealand’s Marriage Agencies, New Zealand Journal of History.

2018. Co-edited with Barbara Brookes and Jane McCabe, Past Caring: Women, Work and Emotion (contracted to Otago University Press).

2018. A. Wanhalla, ‘Private Smith, of the USA and Miss Brown, of NZ’: New Zealand’s American War Children, 1942-1945, in B. Brookes, J. McCabe and A. Wanhalla, eds, Past Caring: Women, Work and Emotion (Otago University Press).

2018. A. Wanhalla, Mothers’ Darlings of the South Pacific, in Anna Clark and Carla Peck, eds, Contemplating Historical Consciousness: Notes From the Field (Berghahn Books).

2018. A. Wanhalla, ‘Indigenous Women, Marriage and Colonial Mobility’ in R. Standfield, ed., Indigenous Mobility Across and Beyond the Tasman World (Canberra: ANU Press).

2018. Angela Wanhalla and Lachy Paterson, ‘Tangled Up’: Intimacy, Emotion and Dispossession in Colonial New Zealand, in Colonial Economies and Intimacies of Violence, eds. Penelope Edmonds and Amanda Nettelbeck (contracted to Palgrave Macmillan).



A. Wanhalla, ‘Reforming the ‘native heart’: Administering Māori Marriages in New Zealand’, submitted to the Journal of Religious History.



Angela Wanhalla, A “friendly invasion”? Maori Women, American Servicemen and the Legacies of Wartime Occupation in New Zealand in Women’s Experiences of World War II, eds., Sandra Trudgen Dawson and Mark Crowley (contracted to Brewer and Boydell).

Inano Walter and Angela Wanhalla, Reforming Māori Marriage, to be submitted to Journal of Polynesian Society.



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